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Monday, January 16, 2017

Eliminate that space between inspiration and action

That space is the hesitation, the second guessing.  It’s the gap that lets perfectionism run through and distract you from achieving anything.  I’ve been trying to focus on “done is better than perfect.”  That pause that is allowed between the idea and the execution can be brief enough to guard against impulsive foolishness or long enough to stop all momentum. 

That risk of being impulsive could just as easily be counted as a stepping stone to greatness.  That impulse to jump and take action against your idea, immediately without ruminating on every single possible alternative and nitty gritty detail can short cut you to a failure – which in turn, with the right mindset – is the lesson you need to do it better next time.  No matter how much you study and prepare for something – nothing is a better teacher than actually experiencing it.  This is why doctors go through residency.  Sure, studying for 8+ years in school gains you a lot of knowledge, but it’s nothing compared to performing on a live patient in the operating room. 

That space between inspiration and action represents fear and hesitation.  Jump the gap, execute the idea and reap the knowledge from the results.  

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