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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Business Wisdom from my Father in Law

Tom walked out of his interview to work for Big Boy, where he ultimately became Vice President and trained new managers on leadership.  Here's the punch line, obviously, he got the job.  The interviewing manager sat back from his desk with his hands behind his head and feet propped up on his desk.  Sensing lack of interest and disrespect, Tom said "...." and politely excused himself.  Not more than hours later, he received a phone call from the assistant asking him back.  This time, the interviewer sat across from him at a restaurant table leaning forward and making eye contact.  Flippantly, the interviewer asked "is this better?" Tom replied that "yes, and thank you."

Manners and respect matter.  He got the job, they wanted him on the team because he expected and returned respect.  The interviewer saw in him qualities that he could instill in the line level employees of the restaurant - which ultimately is about providing a service to the public - and making a customer feel valued.

I've learned more nuggets of wisdom sitting across the table from this man.  He is technically my father in law, but from the very start he accepted me as his daughter and I accepted him as my father.  He's teaching me so much every time we're able to spend the quality time chatting.  I'm so very grateful for him!

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