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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Good at What ?

What are you good at?  And how can you be sure if there are so many other things you haven't tried yet?  Instead of a powerful "decide and move" I'm musing about my talents.  I just heard Gary V. declare that the world is really good at pointing out your weaknesses and selling to them.  "Weight Loss!"  "Self-Help!"  "Financial Freedom!"  Because... our desire to improve and fix and get better is based on our ego, our idea of self-worth, our esteem.  

Instead, what if you could figure out what you're good at?  What is your strength? Or multiple strengths and how can you capitalize on those, then find crutches or help or outsource the rest.  

Me, for example... this is not an original idea, but it's new to me, this concept of focusing on your talent instead of your flaws.  I am good at hearing an idea or a concept, becoming inspired by it and taking it forward.  I'm not the best at coming up with my own ideas.  This bothers me... a lot.  It's why I don't write very often because I feel like it needs to be original.  And yet, maybe it's not -- I'm not writing a fictional story and plagiarizing.  I am simply articulating those little simple truths that rattle around in my brain.  I muse -- focus on a concept and let it transform me.  Maybe that is something to be good at and can be useful... 

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