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Monday, February 1, 2016

Raining Signs

It’s happening again… He’s happening again…

At swim lessons on Saturday, a former colleague who I am connected to on Facebook says:  “oh, I meant to tell you Congratulations on number two!”  Me: puzzled look…   “Didn’t you adopt again, I thought I saw that on Facebook?”

On Sunday John, Tripp, and I take a road trip to buy Magic cards, so lots of time for conversation.  We have a real conversation about us and our family and why we’re dragging our feet on the homestudy.  I am finally able to explain my fear of handling everything right now.  And we discuss how right now is temporary.  Tripp will only be little for so long.  I said I am certain that I will regret letting my fear stop me from pursuing more kiddos.  I am still certain of that…

This morning, I read a blog post that cracks my heart open.  I read a lot of essays, blogs, posts about foster care and adoption.  But this quote nailed it: 
"You can handle getting attached and getting hurt. You’re an adult. You can handle it. They are kids."
My fear is so much smaller than the real horror some kids are being forced to deal with.  We can make the choice to step forward…

Our social worker emails me next, this morning, asking to come do our final visit on Thursday.  I wrote back asking about having all the paperwork done – she says that we can work on a schedule and she wants to have our homestudy done and us licensed by the end of the month!

A friend texts me, as I’m emailing our social worker… she asks if we’re licensed yet because a baby she's concerned about is somewhere unknown and she’s getting CPS involved.  She wants him to go to a good and safe home. 

I don’t think I asked for a sign… but it’s raining outside, and God is raining signs down on us.  I’m scared, nervous, and excited.  And we have a LOT of work in front of us!

Edit: John reminded me of one more sign - on Sunday evening I hung a new sign on our front door, it says LOVE.  

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