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Friday, February 10, 2017

Kill the Count Down Genre

I won't get anywhere with 'How to be Totally Awesome in 10 Simple Steps" because first of all, that just does exist.  Awesome by who's standards?  And there is nothing simple when it comes to augmenting your own thinking and perception of yourself and the world.  Every article I come across online anymore is some number of things to achieve something great.  Snooze... when will the countdown genre die out?  By now, don't most people scroll on by those false promises of quick fixes?

Lists do display neatly on a phone screen though; and are quick and easy to digest.  I don't have time to read all my emails for work let alone verbose articles about magical thinking.  So, do I talk myself into or out of composing top-ten pieces of prose?

No one likely cares about this except me, maybe a person or two who loves me, and perhaps another writer.

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