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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Trip....

I've decided to dedicate this blog to our future child.  Of course, right now, "its" name is Trip.  That's for John Joseph Jr... Triple J...Trip.  However, I assure you no matter boy or girl we will love and cherish Trip just the same!  (Of course... I seriously doubt a girl would wind up with the name Trip in this case!)

I have three things I want to put out there in this blog....

1. A little essay I found entitled "Meaning of Life."  It's a sweet couple of paragraphs that speak about the desire to become a Mommy and the intention to never take a moment of it for granted.  Of course I could simply copy and paste it here... but I have better plans for it. 

2.  "Dear Trip..."  I want to put together what Lovey and I are going through to get to our child.  Someday they'll be able to read it know just how badly they were wanted and just how much they were loved even before they were in Mommy's tummy.

3.  I've got plans and goals and ideas... and a running list of rainy day treats in my head for when our child is here.  I'm so excited for the magic of childhood.  Okay... really - I'm ready for a good excuse for Lovey and I to play and have fun and not get all the sideways glances.  (You know... like wearing a chicken costume in Target)  Oh the fun we will have and all the adventures we will take!!

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