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Friday, January 8, 2010


Speaking of luck... My wonderful MIL, and yes I really do adore her, is now fully in the loop of our situation.  Lovey told her that we're having trouble making a baby.  So she wanted to know every detail, numbers, tests, etc.  And so I spilled all the beans about what's been happening. 

MIL is sad and frustrated along with us.  She had sent us a figurine of the Holy Infant of Prague before Christmas.  We had placed it on the hutch in the dining room.  She brought it up in or conversation and asked for me to *please* pray a 9 hour Novena because it could help us.  So I'm planning to do that this weekend. 

I feel a little bad referring to a prayer as "lucky" because that's not quite fair.  We'll see if this gets God's attention to give us a little boost so that we may get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. 

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