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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Better than expected, and wild crazy dreams

This morning I had my first monitoring appointment.  It's Sunday, and so I had to wake up really early (for a Sunday) and hoof it down to Rockville.  The morning came sooner than I would have liked, because I tossed and turned all night from vivid crazy dreams.  I'm sure it's the hormones.  Vivid dreams would be great if they were about babies and happiness.... instead I dreamt that I was being tracked by vampires who wanted to turn me into one.  When I woke up, I asked Lovey if he set the alarm so no one could sneak in the house.  So dreams, and really bad headaches are pretty much all the side effects so far.  Although, just today, I finally feel like something is happening in my ovaries.  Yay! 

In the ultrasound this morning, the tech said she could see 10, yes TEN, follicles on my right ovary and 6 follicles on my left ovary.  I tell you, this is waay better than expected!! During our work up tests, the ultrasound showed only 4 follicles on each ovary.  You know what more follicles mean?  More eggs,... which can lead to more embryos, which can lead to more babies!! 

I know, this is such a bizarre way to look at procreation.... like a science experiment really.  (well... except I hope it's less of an experiment and that they know what they're doing!)  But this is the hand we've been dealt.  I talked to Mom (John's mom) the other night... and we agreed, if I was sick with cancer (god forbid) I would use medicine to fight it with all I have.  In this case, we're fighting for our future baby's life.  And, it's not playing God.  God gave mankind the knowledge and the ability to develop science and medical technology.  Right...? 

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