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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"I'm a doctor, why am I here?"

Yesterday we had our Injection Class.  Lovey, true to form, says to the nurse during introductions, "Well, I'm a doctor so I wasn't sure I had to come to this class."  I couldn't contain the laughter to let him keep the charade going. 
The class started about 30 minutes late.  We hung out in the waiting room, wondering what the delay was and if we should be talking to someone or what.  I seem to always feel that way in the doctors office.  While they're all very nice, I think they do this sooo much they assume that I know which room to sit in and who I'm meeting with.  (Like Monday, after the ultrasound, I marched myself right into Dr. Khan's office and sat down. I didn't realized he looked surprised until he said, 'No you need to go next door and Tracey will go over your protocol"  Ooops!)

So... we stuck needles into these flesh colored flat fake boobie things.  Lovey demonstrated with gusto just how he will give me the trigger shot in my bum.  OMG - I was even scared as he jabbed the needle down on the table.  But the nurse seemed to get a kick out of us.  She explained a little more about, ahem, "the birds and the bees".  Because really, this is how we're making a baby. 

Tomorrow, I will start sticking my tummy with needles.  I can't believe it's finally time to really get started.  

Last week, my meds were delivered to work.  I knew some had to be refrigerated and I thought I would be slick and put them in a lunch bag in the office fridge.  Not so much, it was a huge silver bag that needed to be refrigerated, so I shoved it into the back - on top of an old pizza - and hoped for the best.  Then on my way home, I stopped at the craft store.  If we need to store these meds handily on the counter, I want to make it fun.  So I picked up a few photo boxes and some scrapbooking stickers.  I adorned the boxes with the stickers and stashed the meds inside.  Two on the counter and one in the fridge.  That's a lot of drugs!

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