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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Call me Hen... I'm an egg making machine!

I've been seeing the doc for bloodwork and ultrasounds every day since Tuesday.  This morning they counted 20 (!) follicles on my right ovary and 10 on my left.  The doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if they were able to retrieve 30 eggs.  WOW!!!  Of course, along with this overacheiving response to the medicine comes the risk of OHSS - ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.  So they are watching me close and have changed the medicine I will use to "trigger"  They also expect me to trigger on Monday, which means the retreival will be on Wednesday. 

I've been feeling sick and sore the past couple of days and very tired.  I'm sure it's the hormones and my "factory farming ovaries."   This morning the nurse said they were just getting me ready for pregnancy.  I hope that I don't continue to feel like this all through pregnancy... I don't have enough time for daily naps most days.  But in the end it will all be worth it!! And what's more - if they are able to retrieve so many eggs, then we may end up with many stellar embryos!  It's completely sci-fi but they can freeze the embryos and transfer them later.  We'll have high-tech kiddos!!!! 

I'm feeling a little more scared as things are moving on.  There's no doubt that I want to be a mommy, but I realize there is so much I don't know and I don't know how we'll make it all work.  Time, money, know-how, emotion... but I guess these are all normal emotions to feel?  I was in CVS yesterday, and I walked past the section with all the kiddo medicine.  I realized I wouldn't know what to buy if our baby was sick!!

...sigh... I should probably only worry about one thing at a time and not get ahead of myself!  I want to enjoy this entire process.  Maybe it's not the "normal" way to grow a family, but it's our way... and it's no less wanted and cherished than any other!!  You better believe our kiddos will know just how desperately they were wanted!!  No 'oops' here!! 

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Mary said...

Ok so I just emailed asking for an update and then remembered about the blog. I'm sorry you are feeling crappy but so happy you could end up with such great results!!! I love that you're keeping track to let the future little ones know how much they were wanted.
And don't worry about the stuff once they get here, it'll all work out and you'll learn everything you need to:-)