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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just Do - Experience Greatest Teacher

This is such a trite statement -- experience is the greatest teacher.  I posted earlier about eliminating the space between inspiration and action.  That space is a pit for rumination.  It's precariously cobbled and only the most self disciplined can cross it.  I'm not super self disciplined - yet - and easily get lost in the weeds of choices and gathering more information and studying and comparing and, and, and... just pausing before actually DOING something.

One more book, one more video, one more article - to make sure I'm perfect before I leap out of that pit.  However, there's always more to consume and check and compare against before taking an action.  INSTEAD, take the action -- don't wait, toss fear aside because you will learn from this what not to do and what to do next time.  It's progress, not perfection.  Don't be afraid to make a mistake and learn.  Consume the experience and feedback from your action and move forward.  Don't stall and consume the pontifications of someone else.  They aren't perfect either.  No one is.  More action, more chances to win, it's that simple.

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