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Friday, April 26, 2013


Cuffs @ Granny & Grandpa's farm in 2004 (ish)

Dear Baby

Your Daddy and I love animals. We pray that this fancy for our four-legged friends is passed along to you. We haven’t met you yet, but we wanted to give you a chance to know about an adorable beagle pup that you will undoubtedly see pictures of around our house.

Cuffs, who we later started calling “Beagle” or just “Beag’s” was Dad’s faithful companion before he met me. He found her at a shelter and fell in love as she jumped up on the fence to get his attention. She had a rough start in life. Given a different name, she was locked in a closet with cats before she was rescued. The day Dad brought her home, he was in his cruiser and she kept hitting the button to turn on the lights!! This is how she earned her name! He used his handcuffs from her collar to the door handle to keep her safely in place.

Cuffs helped Dad to win over my heart in the very beginning. I thought a handsome police man who loved his dog had to be a great catch (and I was very right)! It wasn’t long until Dad & Cuffs and I & Fizzgig became a family. (Fizzy, as we called him, was my little shih-tzu pup named for the Dark Crystal that I had from the time I was 16 until he left us at 13 years old). Cuffs and Fizzy got a long really well. For a long time it was just the four of us until we bought our house in WV. The story of the other fur-kiddos is for another time though. But as we added dogs to the household, Cuffs transformed into Beag’s. We nicknamed everyone.

Beag’s absolute favorite game was hide and seek. She only played it as the seeker though, and only with Dad. All I had to say was “Where’s Dad?!?” and she would get excited and start searching for him. He could never hide long, that beagle nose always led her straight to him.

She’s love to bark her special “wooooo” bark/howl at us whenever we came home. She would speak on command, and no one could sneak into the house or the yard. Sometimes it was like she was yelling at a passerby or the other dogs. You could hear her for miles!

She’d do tricks and do almost anything for food. She knew exactly where the treat jar was and loved to train us. She’d come in from outside and sit right by the counter where the treat jar was and look at it, then us, then back and forth again. Smart little monster! She also had her chore… she was the pre-washer of the dishes. She would lick all the dishes off as we put them into the dishwasher. All we had to do was open the door and she’d come running to do her job.

Beag’s also loved horse poop. Yes… horse poop, much to our dismay! We used to take her to Grammy & Grandpa's farm and she would run out into the pasture and chow down. So very gross! We’d wind up having to chase her because she wouldn’t come back when we called… why would she? It was a glorious buffet to her! Yuck!

Cuffs would hop right in the bathtub anytime for a bath. She was so good, but she didn’t love swimming in the lake. She could swim like a champ but it took a lot of coaxing to get her out into the water. However, we took her with us on a vacation to Emerald Isle, NC one year with friends who had a boat. I’ll never forget her and Fizzy being on the shore, while John and I waded out to the boat for something. We turned around and both of them were swimming their way behind us! I guess they were afraid they were going to be left behind.

Beag’s started to slow down in the last year. She had a tumor on her spleen and had to have
Cuffs in March 2012 at the vets, after her splenectomy
it removed in March of 2012. She bounced back fairly well after the surgery, but was slower and a little grumpier when the big dogs wanted to play. At Christmas time we took her and the big dogs with us to visit Nana and Papa in Michigan. She started to get very picky about her food. We bought all kinds of different foods just to get her to eat. Well… fast forward and sparing you any gory details, we had to say goodbye to Beag’s on Sunday April 21st, 2013. Dad and I sat with her to the end. We know that she is no longer in any pain.

She was a very good dog, a faithful friend. We’re sad that you aren’t able to pet her very soft velvety ears, or see the white tip of her tail wagging for you, but we’re so glad to be able to share memories of her with you.

Love always,


Daddy & Cuffs NYE 1/1/09

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