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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For the Record...

... after all, this is a record account of our crazy roller coaster ride to parenthood.  (Wait, isn't parenthood itself supposed to be the hairpin turn and death defying drops ride of our lives... maybe we're just getting a preview!)

I wanted to simply capture the Adoption Journey page we posted (to save for our record).  Friends, Family, and even people we don't know have been so generous! We are BLESSED to know such wonderful people.  We know times are tough, for everyone right now.  That's why we stepped out on a limb and put up a donation page; in hopes that a couple of dollars from the people who love and support us won't be a hardship to them, but added up can be a HUGE help to us.  You should know we really, really debated about putting ourselves out there.  However, we aren't shy, we are confident walking down this path, and we feel God is walking beside us on this. 

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