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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Nervous Wreck for the Egg Hunt!

I was already nervous about what could go wrong with my egg retreival tomorrow.  My worries have included - fearing that I'd ovulate today and lose all the eggs so they couldn't get them and worrying that I will spill "the cup" and we'll have nothing to fertilze with.  But I talked to the nurse and she said my hormone levels are perfect and she sure I won't "lose" my eggs.  I've also decided that Lovey will be completely in charge of the cup. 

Now, something new has crept up to worry about.  Lovey just called, he's on his way to the hospital, he hurt his back at work!!  He told me not to rush there.... yet.  I feel just awful for him, he sounded miserable, but he was able to drive himself there.  Knowing John though, it's got to be bad if he called his supervisor and is going to the hospital.  I pray it's nothing major! 

Keeping my fingers crossed and too worried and nervous to do anything productive right now.  Wishing I was one of those who had to run off nervous engergy or felt the urge to clean something.  Maybe one of these hormones will develop that response in me?

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