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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Story Part 1: Once Upon a Time....

Once Upon a Time...

…there was a red head who met her prince; fell in love, got married but then hit a snag in the baby-making department.  So much for that neatly tied up fairy tale.  That would be oh-so-boring anyway!   Our real story will reach into your chest, squeeze tight your heart, make your stomach drop, and bring happy tears to your eyes.  It’s quite time that I write it down. 
I could cobble together the IF blog posts, numerous Facebook rants, wordy and emotional emails to close friends, our adoption banquet speech, more sleep deprived Facebook love fests, and one memorial page to explain the shoes I stand in right now.  That seems like it would be cheating a bit – and I’d like to write the narrative for you, for me, and especially for Tripp.  Would anyone else read the whole story end to end?  Well, maybe yes – because we've been impatiently waiting on Papa to write the family story, so why not start ours now, while the memory is fresh?!

Meet Tripp, the center of our world!   I've asked, tongue in cheek,  if there was life before this moment.  There certainly was – John and I have lots of adventures and “remember the times when we…" memories.  But if there was ever a defining moment in my life… it was from about 10am on August 21st 2013 until this picture right here (maybe 1 pm that same day).  Everything changed in those few short hours.

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