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Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Pushed a Button

Tripp loves to push buttons.  Sometimes his compulsion is helpful – like when he’s “mopping” the floor with the swiffer and spraying cleaning solution.  Sometimes he’ll push too many buttons and wipe all the data from my iphone.  

Yesterday, I pushed a button… to submit our inquiry to foster-to-adopt another child.  It’s only the very beginning, but yesterday God laid on my heart that we should add to our family and that the timing is now.  John and I have been talking about it even since before Tripp was born, how we will expand our family.  We are very nervous of venturing down yet another path, but we've already proven that we can learn the process, the terms, and the players on each path we've taken.  

I personally feel compelled that foster to adopt is where God is leading us.   It’s scary and we personally know triumphs and tragedies of close friends who have gone before us.  Yet, I firmly believe that God will bring our children home to us and I’m trusting the direction He’s leading us.

Besides, I’m on day 3 of being upright and productive on almost no sleep.  If I can handle this, what’s one more little heartbeat and sweet face to keep me up at night?!?  

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